This Videogame Project was Winner of :
- "Digital Skills Awards Spain 2019 
- "Indie Videogame Public Award at Gamepolis 2019
- "SIMO Educación 2019 Best Digital Resource Creation"

PRI&VET GAMEDEV PROJECT is a videogame development educational project done by students from Primary Education School CEIP Miguel Hernandez at Almogia Malaga and students from IT Vocational Education and Training IES Campanillas at Technologic Park of Andalucia in Malaga (Spain)

Both group of students has worked together during 6 months in all the videogames phases:  GDD, Design 2D 3D, Development, Audio, Testing, Deployment.

Coordinated by Teachers: 
Sergio Banderas (IT VET Teacher , GameDev)  
Carmen Gonzalez (Primary Education) 

Available on GOOGLE PLAY (Android version)  :

Powered by : PHASER 3 (HTML5 and Mobile Game framework)

Videogame available in 4 languages (  Spanish  ,  English,  Italian and  German) 

Open Source Project. All the code at Github use only for Education Purposes

Game Hub : Polo Digital de Contenidos
Audio Studio : Krill Audio
3D Printing : FabLab Malaga  
IndieGameDevs :  Francisco Pereira  and  Barbara Bris
SoundTrack:  CountBlissett 
EMarketing and Translations: IES Campanillas Erasmus+ Volunteers (Veronica,  Katia and Kaan)


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Congrats for this cool game !